Honda Showroom | Singapore

Brand re-enforcement, consumer orientation and comfort formed the key values of the concept to re-develop the showroom. The interior design took angular styling cues from the latest models but was deliberately pared down to a simple palette of materials so that the cars remained the heroes.


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Bulmers Cider | Australia

The barrel glorifier ice box was designed as an on-bar display to disrupt and influence consumers at the point of purchase while having the product chilled and ready to serve. The barrel shape, materials and branding work to lend authenticity and heritage to the product and re-enforce the brand.

The separate bottle glorifier  is designed in a similar vein and intended for use where space is limited.

Design, art direction (Designed for Sumo Visual Group)

Winner at the 2013 POPAI ANZ Awards

Bronze – Entry Category: Liquor Retailers

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Hendrick`s Gin | Brussels airport

Hendrick`s “the most unusual” Gin uses its Victorian absurdity to feature in a retail theatre event at Brussels airport. A vintage carousel tasting space is the main feature while window and in-store displays help to further communicate the brand.

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GIC Heritage Centre | Singapore

The Singapore Government Investment Corporation (GIC) needed a soul in their gleaming glass tower to tell their story, reflect on their achievements and remind their hand-picked graduates of the success they’re expected to achieve.

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Republic of Singapore Airforce Museum

Tracing its history from the days of the Royal Air Force to present day this museum resides in a purpose built building with a total built up area of 4,600 m². The exhibition area comprises of an outdoor gallery, eight indoor galleries on the second level and a history of aviation gallery on the first level. The theme for the entire display is “Men, Machine and Method”

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