Chemmart | Australia

Chemmart required a retail solution that would establish them as a natural medicines leader and provide customers an interactive digital experience that would help them make the right product selections based on their needs and then light up the correct shelf to make the purchase easier. After the success of the test store the solution is being rolled out nationwide.

Design, brand and art direction, user interface design

Winner at the 2014 GLOBAL POPAI Awards

2014 Global POPAI Award for Chemmart Interactive Medicines Wall in the Permanent Professional Healthcare category.

Winner at the 2013 POPAI ANZ Awards

Gold – Entry Category: Beauty & Professional Healthcare

Silver – Entry Category: Digital & Interactive Solutions

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On The Run

To build a credible and recognisable premium fuel brand for On The Run stores. The objectives were a need to educate and influence motorists to opt up to Advantage98 as their premium unleaded fuel and as OTR`s key product use this visual identity across all service station architecture creating a cohesive brand experience for customers from road, pump to in-store.

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VB Beer Pyramid | Melbourne

One of the greatest pyramids of all time flowed beer the whole night for Triple M Radio`s Bunga Bunga party in South Melbourne. Designed and built within a week as a brand exercise and because they were requested to live on-air the pyramid stacked hundreds of VB cans with a beer font on top pouring a pint as the crown jewel. Beer overflowed and cascaded down the sides and at night internal LED`s illuminated the amber liquid as the star feature of the party.

Design concept, art direction (designed for Sumo Visual Group)

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Bulmers Cider | Australia

The barrel glorifier ice box was designed as an on-bar display to disrupt and influence consumers at the point of purchase while having the product chilled and ready to serve. The barrel shape, materials and branding work to lend authenticity and heritage to the product and re-enforce the brand.

The separate bottle glorifier  is designed in a similar vein and intended for use where space is limited.

Design, art direction (Designed for Sumo Visual Group)

Winner at the 2013 POPAI ANZ Awards

Bronze – Entry Category: Liquor Retailers

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