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World of Whiskies | London

A pitch to redevelop the World of Whiskies retail store as it had become very dated and did not fit with the premium image expected in airport duty free. The existing store was completely re-branded and re-positioned after market research and conceptualized as a contemporary gentleman`s club offering the luxury of premium whisky from the novice to the connoisseur. With an eclectic mix of furniture and displays the relaxed atmosphere welcomed consumers in to sample an extraordinary range of whiskies with expert advice on tasting and aroma.

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Audi A8 Press launch | Singapore

Developed as full day event the press experienced the car as the owners would which is typically chauffeur driven. Guests were picked up in an A6 and driven to the main venue where they were given an introduction to the A8 as well as a tactile display of features, technology and history. Guests were then driven in the A8 through exclusive tree lined residential areas to a technical briefing lunch where they were then given the chance to drive the cars back to the main venue for a marketing briefing wrap-up with drinks at the A8 lounge.

Creative Direction

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WG&S Vintage & Rare | Paris, Singapore, New Delhi

Having some of the most exclusive and expensive premium single malt whiskies in the market WG&S needed a vehicle to showcase this extraordinary range both as a brand building exercise and to cater to serious collectors. Only a handful of airports with regular high value passengers were chosen with the first installations being in Paris, Singapore and New Delhi.

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Graff Diamonds | Middle East

Luxury exhibit marketing program in Dubai, Bahrain and Doha for the famous London jeweller Graff,  known to have `the most fabulous jewels in the world` The custom designed modular exhibition was used over 2 year period.



William Grant & Sons | Tax Free Cannes

Having re-developed their entire merchandising range WG&S asked me to design their exhibition space for Tax Free Cannes, the most important event in the industry. With a unique space having both an entrance bridge and outdoor terrace the design presented the WG&S brand while each of the four meeting rooms and terrace were individually branded with their leading products.



WG&S Retail Event Space | Munich Airport

William Grant & Sons occupied an event space within Munich airport leading up to the Christmas period. Featuring their key brands of Glenfiddich, Grants, Balvenie and Hendricks as well as vintage and rare bottles of whiskey the space centered around a tasting bar with the full range on display on individually branded tables.

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Singtel | CommunicAsia

A completely non-corporate stand that was more a lounge bar / club that you would find in a converted shophouse in the old part of Chinatown or in the pages of wallpaper* magazine. Designed to appeal and engage those following an aspirational lifestyle the layout was flanked by an enormous bar serving gourmet coffee with a DJ at one end and breakout rooms through the red wall in the centre.

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Osim | Concept Store

Developed as a total health solution this first of a kind concept store for Osim brought together all the brands product range into the one space.


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Singtel | ITU Asia Hong Kong

After a successful show at CommunicAsia the concept was re-developed for ITU Asia in Hong Kong to fit a long narrow space with second floor meeting rooms.

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G&J Greenall Distillers | UK

G&J Distillers has more than 250 years of heritage, distilling superior spirits to perfection since 1761. After a fire destroyed the warehouse the original stills were saved and relocated to Birchwood, Warrington. With an updated brand and new products in development I designed the reception and hospitality areas of the new facility to reflect this new vision of the company.

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