Audi A8 Press launch | Singapore

Developed as full day event the press experienced the car as the owners would which is typically chauffeur driven. Guests were picked up in an A6 and driven to the main venue where they were given an introduction to the A8 as well as a tactile display of features, technology and history. Guests were then driven in the A8 through exclusive tree lined residential areas to a technical briefing lunch where they were then given the chance to drive the cars back to the main venue for a marketing briefing wrap-up with drinks at the A8 lounge.

Creative Direction

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William Grant & Sons | Tax Free Cannes

Having re-developed their entire merchandising range WG&S asked me to design their exhibition space for Tax Free Cannes, the most important event in the industry. With a unique space having both an entrance bridge and outdoor terrace the design presented the WG&S brand while each of the four meeting rooms and terrace were individually branded with their leading products.



VB Beer Pyramid | Melbourne

One of the greatest pyramids of all time flowed beer the whole night for Triple M Radio`s Bunga Bunga party in South Melbourne. Designed and built within a week as a brand exercise and because they were requested to live on-air the pyramid stacked hundreds of VB cans with a beer font on top pouring a pint as the crown jewel. Beer overflowed and cascaded down the sides and at night internal LED`s illuminated the amber liquid as the star feature of the party.

Design concept, art direction (designed for Sumo Visual Group)

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