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World of Whiskies | London

A pitch to redevelop the World of Whiskies retail store as it had become very dated and did not fit with the premium image expected in airport duty free. The existing store was completely re-branded and re-positioned after market research and conceptualized as a contemporary gentleman`s club offering the luxury of premium whisky from the novice to the connoisseur. With an eclectic mix of furniture and displays the relaxed atmosphere welcomed consumers in to sample an extraordinary range of whiskies with expert advice on tasting and aroma.

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G&J Greenall Distillers | UK

G&J Distillers has more than 250 years of heritage, distilling superior spirits to perfection since 1761. After a fire destroyed the warehouse the original stills were saved and relocated to Birchwood, Warrington. With an updated brand and new products in development I designed the reception and hospitality areas of the new facility to reflect this new vision of the company.

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Honda Showroom | Singapore

Brand re-enforcement, consumer orientation and comfort formed the key values of the concept to re-develop the showroom. The interior design took angular styling cues from the latest models but was deliberately pared down to a simple palette of materials so that the cars remained the heroes.


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